RASC Equity and Inclusivity Committee

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RASC Equity and Inclusivity Committee

Post by mroffey » November 13th, 2018, 6:36 pm

An Equity and Inclusivity (E&I) Committee was formed during the 2018 Society Board meeting in Toronto this past October. The following is an excerpt from a recent document sent out by the committee chair, Charles Ennis. As you will see, they are encouraging members to get involved with the committee. Please contact one of the current E&I Committee members if your are interested.

The founding members of the E&I Committee are:
• Nicole Mortillaro (Unattached)
• Heather Laird (Calgary Centre)
• Vikki Zsohar (Yukon Centre)
• Charles Ennis (chair- Sunshine Coast Centre

The Equity and Inclusivity Committee’s mandate is to promote and develop ethnic, cultural, gender, and religious diversity within the Society through education and communications programs and publicize the diversity of the RASC to all its audiences. It is our intention to have this new committee:
• encourage the growth of diversity within the Society;
• educate members and Centres regarding issues involving minorities;
• represent the interests of minorities to the Board and the membership of the Society;
• act as a resource for information on minorities to Society members; and
• act as advocates to represent members of minorities and assist in mediation.

This Committee is a new concept for the RASC. We’re reaching out to our membership to encourage members to join the Equity and Inclusivity Committee to help us achieve these objectives. We’re asking members of minorities within the RASC to tell us their stories and share their problems so that we can help them work towards solutions. If you’re willing to help or you’ve got a story to share, please contact one of us.

Canada’s multiculturalism is one of the best examples of cultural integration in the entire world. Canada has one of the largest immigrant populations in the world: one in every five Canadians was born outside of Canada: Every year 300,000 immigrants come to our country. This is one of the highest rates of immigration in the entire world. In 2017 the Fraser Institute ranked Canada as the 6th freest country on Earth. The RASC should strive to reflect this diversity by developing a welcoming culture based on integration. We need an RASC that looks like Canada: Our organization should represent a realistic sample of Canada’s ethnic, cultural, and gender reality.

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Re: RASC Equity and Inclusivity Committee

Post by Mark » November 13th, 2018, 9:50 pm

This is a very good idea!!!


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